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Every summer, young Vietnamese friends from Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, etc. come to Plum Village to practice mindfulness, play volleyball, stay up late sharing their happiness and difficulties, singing and dancing in áo dài (long dress) with nón lá (straw hat). Before leaving Plum Village, they create opportunity to film short meaningful video clips like this one. This was filmed by Chon-Dat Nguyen in France (Bordeaux). It talks about how different is the experience of eating food in silence. Don't wait until the Spring Wake Up tour to enjoy eating in silence with the monastic brothers and sisters. You can experiment it in your next meal :).



Guitar & Vocals: Joe Reilly; Female Lead Vocals: Melina Bondy; Cello: Phap Linh; Bass Guitar: Phap Luu; Keyboard: Phap Dan, Andrew; Djembe: Phap Dang; Guitars: Phap Lai, Luc Nghiem; Harmonica: Phap Man; Backup Vocals: Plum Village Sangha. Recorded and rehearsed on Thursday, January 28th, 2010 in Plum Village. This recording is the third take.

At the Dharma Nectar Hall of Lower Hamlet in Plum Village, lay and monastic practitioners from around the world gathered to concentrate our energy into a new song which could represent the Wake Up movement. Thanks to the good conditions of a visit from Joe Reilly, Melina Bondy and many talented monks, nuns and lay friends.

Creativity like this took place when monastics sit and enjoy tea together. Joyfully offered by monastic brothers and sisters during the "finding our true home" retreat be-in at Deer Park Monastery. The music is taken from one of the greatest hits, "Hotel California".


We look forward to drink tea with you in the Spring Wake Up tour. What creativity will come up next? We'll have to breathe and wait in order to see :).


Monastic sisters offer a fun dharma runway, mindfulness books fashion show at Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, CA during "Finding our True Home" retreat in October 2013. Are you ready to meet some of these Sisters during the Spring Wake Up tour?



Read by Thầy

Chanted by Brother Pháp Niệm

Hearing the bell
I let go of all my afflictions
My heart is calm
my sorrow ended
no longer bound to anything
I learn to listen to my suffering
And to the suffering of others
When understanding is born in me
Compassion is also born

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